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Safeguarding & Online Safety

We work hard to keep our students informed about a broad range of issues affecting them today, such as Internet safety, drug and alcohol awareness, the use of ‘legal highs’, forced marriages, radicalisation and extremism, gang and knife crime, Gangs, county lines and child sexual exploitation.

Our thorough safeguarding programme includes students of all ages and involves a range of experiences including assemblies, workshops, visiting guest speakers and theatre production.

Praised by Ofsted, our comprehensive programme helps students to stay safe and avoid risky behaviour, preparing them for life in our rapidly-changing world.

The team works together to support children and their families when they need it.

Our Safeguarding Policy underpins this work, as does the statutory DfE guidance detailed in Keeping children safe in education.

If you have any queries or require support, please contact the Safeguarding team.

Tel: 01582 722 333

The team is led by Kelly-Anne Keating, the Designated Safeguarding Lead, and is assisted by Sita Hall, Assistant Safeguarding Officer.

Keating, K (2).png

Miss K Keating
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Hall, Sita.png

Ms S Hall
Assistant Safeguarding Officer


Useful Websites and Resources

Apps Websites

Headspace (guided medication and mindfulness)


Settle your Glitter  (emotional regulation tool for ages 11+)


MindShift   (help to cope with anxiety)

Net aware

Chill Panda (distraction techniques to manage stress and worry)

Luton Borough Council - safeguarding

Catch It  (Learn to manage negative thoughts and look at problems differently)

Luton Borough Council – Early help

Calm Harm  (reduced urges of self-harm and managing emotions in a better way)

NHS: Exam Stress

Cove  (create music to reflect emotions and help express how you feel) 

MH information and advice  

information and advice on self-harm and suicidal thoughts

MH information and advice

adventure games designed to help increase emotional fitness

Kooth online counselling  

Feeling Good: Positive mindset 
audio tracks to help you relax your body and mind

The Mix  

connect with a mental health therapist using instant messaging


My Positive self: The mental Health App (learn how to manage fear, anxiety and stress and tackle unhelpful thinking)

MindShift  - help to cope with anxiety  

An 8 week course to help manage stress, anxiety and depression at your own pace


an online sleep improvement programme to help you fall asleep faster


Connect with a team of sleep experts to help you fall asleep through the night


Stress and Anxiety Companion  (breathing exercises, relaxing music and games to help calm your mind and change negative thoughts)