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For our students to leave the academy with a strong mathematical knowledge that they can rely on to think logically, flexibly and creatively. We want our students to become resilient mathematicians who can reason and solve problems encountered in their everyday life.


  1. Equivalence: To be able to understand equivalence through the use of fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios.
  2. Estimation: To be able to approximate numerical calculations by using their knowledge of place value and number system.
  3. Operation and Solving: To use the rules of arithmetic and algebra together to transform equations and inequalities so solutions can be found.
  1. Multiplicative reasoning: To be able to understand and use the fact that two numbers can be connected by multiplication.
  2. Patterns:  To be able to describe and generalise relationships for mathematical situations that have numbers or objects that repeat in predictable ways.
  3. Graphs: To be able to represent graphically relationships between sets of values and to link the representation to an algebraic equation.

Sixth Form

At The Stockwood Park Academy, Key Stage 5 is aimed at pupils who have not yet secured a grade 4 or above in mathematics.