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We aspire to develop every aspect of our students to ensure they leave us as well-rounded citizens. Through the knowlege-based curriculum, which is both research and student informed, students are encouraged to develop and foster ideas to become thoughtful and inquisitive learners. Stockwood Park students are challenged outside their comfort zone to strengthen their talents and work together to build team skills, all the while inspiring a passion for lifelong and independent learning.

Our carefully developed academy plan is designed to help every student to achieve the best that they can; fulfilling and exceeding their potential where they are able to. By utilising quality assurance methods and constant assessment of student progress, we are able to adapt our approach continuously ensuring every student receives a level of support tailored to their individual needs.

The Stockwood Park Academy strives to nurture every learner through academic achievement and personal development. Our guiding ethos, ‘STRIVE, ACHIEVE, BELIEVE’, drives our passion to draw out the potential in every student, whilst supporting them at every stage of their time with us.

If you have any further questions relating to our curriculum content or approach, please contact us via our main academy email address


Our curricula are bespoke to individual academies, but are underpinned by key, consistent features defined as a trust:

  • pupils are introduced to the best that has been thought and said as their entitlement, which creates a foundation for widening horizons and opportunities to think bigger to build the skills to achieve the very best they can.
  • pupils are given the opportunity to explore and develop their curiosity, an appreciation of human creativity and achievement and to develop a life-long love of learning
  • pupils are prepared to accept nuance and consider, critically, and compassionately the information they consume
  • our pupils develop their knowledge and skills through deliberate practice and application in a variety of contexts
  • our teachers use their expertise to communicate knowledge, induct pupils into subject disciplines and to facilitate pupils’ own discovery and interests
  • our staff work together to implement and draw upon ambitious, intelligent, cross-curricular and cross-phase links
  • our curricula celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the pupils in our care and the community we serve, and incorporate a strong anti-racist and inclusive perspective. Pressing current issues such as climate change, are addressed through responsive implementation.


Our intent is that our curriculum:

  • Provides a broad and balanced curriculum that is truly comprehensive and accessible to all pupils.
  • Delivers opportunities for students to learn to be successful, to gain useful, transferable skills whilst also acquiring relevant knowledge.
  • Enables high standards of academic achievement, where outcomes empower students to progress to Higher Education.
  • Affords opportunities for all pupils to develop a high level of literacy and numeracy required for success in the wider curriculum and in adult life.
  • Expands students’ perspectives through a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities to promote their sense of moral and social responsibility.
  • Ensures that all pupils are able to thrive and develop as healthy individuals and good citizens.
  • Ensures that all pupils are safe and understand how to stay safe.
  • Fosters a strength of character and resilience that will help pupils to cope with choices and overcome the challenges they are likely to encounter in life.
  • Provides an appropriate range of opportunities and experiences to inspire pupils to succeed in the next stage of their education, training or employment.


The Stockwood Park Academy transitioned to a knowledge-rich curriculum, which was both research and student informed, in September 2021. The rationale for the transition to a knowledge-rich curriculum was to:

  • Provide learners with a strong academic core:
    • At KS3 all students, disadvantaged or with special needs and/or disabilities will have access to a curriculum underpinned by 62% curriculum time for academic subjects.
    • At KS4, all students will study a facilitating subject (Humanities) with 35% of cohort targeted for the Full EBAC through the KS4 Academic Options Pathway. A further 32% of students are provided with the flexibility to choose MFL (Full EBAC) through the KS4 Balanced Options Pathway.
  • Provide social mobility and cultural capital for our learners through:
    • The knowledge in a range of academic subjects.
    • The skills in a range of creative subjects.
    • Character.
    • Personal Development including physical, mental and sexual wellbeing.
    • Careers Information Advice and Guidance.
  • Systematic and sequenced curricula, focused on broadening students’ knowledge to support decisions on future learning and final destinations. Every subject has a long-term knowledge journey, detailing knowledge and skills to be developed over time.
  • Explicit learning involves intention, attention, thought, combining new ideas with old (long-term memory interacting with working memory, to use the widely known storage model of memory) - only through thinking does long-term memory develop.
  • Enable sufficient curriculum time for KS3 students to explore extracurricular activities, trips and visits that will reinforce knowledge and develop the cultural capital of students. For example, fieldwork and map reading, museum visits, attend a musical/theatre, attend a sporting event, etc.
  • Where learners have additional needs and/or disabilities, the school curriculum is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs while remaining rigorous to ensure learners are ready for work and employment.
  • Provide a broad and balanced 3 Year Key Stage 3 Curriculum allowing students to:
    • Study a wide range of  expressive and creative subjects.
    • Study more content in more depth in depth before learners specialise in a 2 Year KS4 curriculum.
  • To defer Key Stage 4 Options Choices, students follow a three year Key Stage 3 model which allows full coverage of content in depth, breadth and ambition, therefore not disadvantaging (some of) the most disadvantaged from informed decisions.

Curriculum Overviews by Year Group

Subject Curriculum Detail